The 6th Live Surgery & Injections Course
in St. Petersburg, Russia
October 11–14, 2018


Day 1 and 2

Day 3 and 4

Gala dinner

The Sixth Live Surgery & Injections Course "ADVANCED AESTHETIC FACE, BREAST AND BODY CONTOURING. 2018" was successfully held in St. Petersburg.

During the Course we saw and heard:

In 2018, the surgery course program brought together more than 540 plastic surgeons, hailing from 39 countries and 150 cities. 14 real-time surgeries were conducted with the participation of:

On the last day of the Course, October 14th, we hosted one of the most popular dissection courses AASURGERY, devoted to buttocks modeling. 10 surgeons had a unique chance to use their practical skills alongside Constantino Mendieta, Alexander Aslani, Peter Palhazi.

In this year’s course participants observed live gynoplasty operations performed by Massimiliano Brambilla and Malgorzata Uchman-Musielak. A lively round table discussion was held on the topic of "Social media, brand and successful practice. Risks related to social media" moderated by world-class experts: Wendy Lewis and Nikolaos Metaxotos.

The most interesting new panel from our scientific program was the "panel of controversies. Boxing ring" – an opportunity to discuss the hottest topics in the professional circle: "superficial definition VS deep definition", "fat against implants", "silicon or polyurethane".

Don't miss a thing and join us on the Seventh Live Surgery & Injections Course "ADVANCED AESTHETIC RHINOPLASTY AND FACE CONTOURING. 2019" October, 24–27. Together with you we will see new forms of presentation, enhance our understanding and gain new theoretical and practical knowledge.

Feedback from lecturers

Thank you so much for inviting me again to your wonderful event. I’m very pleased to hear you had many responses to my contribution! I truly enjoy your city and amazing hospitality.

Luis Macias

I would like to thank you for the warm reception we had in St Petersburg for the occasion of your meeting. You have organized an amazing scientific program and a wonderful social and cultural activities. We just enjoyed the caviar yesterday and it was really delightful.

Fabio Nahas

It was my pleasure to be with you in St Petersburg. Congratulations on organizing such a successful conference. Everything was outstanding and I greatly appreciate the hospitality that you showed to us.

Mitchell H Brown

The meeting was GREAT! You do such a good job on it. Was a excellent time as usual. Hope to return in 3 years!

William P. Adams

Such a great time with you. You were an amazing host. Thanks so much.

Bradley Calobrace

Thank you for the invitation – it was a fantastic meeting in a beautiful city which we all enjoyed enormously. You worked very hard to produce such a great event well done!

Patrick Mallucci

I was a pleasure to be in St PETERSBURG with you. Congratulations for your meeting. I really think that the level was one of the best in the world. It was so much interesting that it was difficult to take time off to go for a walk...

Jean-Francois Pascal

I really enjoyed the meeting and the lovely choir at the Hermitage. You made our stay so special. Thank you.

Christine Hamori

Just wanted to thank you for all your gracious hospitality. I really enjoyed the congress and the opportunity to come to St Petersburg. It seemed to be a big success – congratulations. Your staff is fantastic! Took care of every detail and is really wonderful.

Wendy Lewis

Surgery Course Faculty