in St. Petersburg, Russia
October 29–31, 2021

Photos from the past Course

The hybrid online course program "ADVANCED AESTHETIC BLEPHAROPLASTY, FACIAL REJUVENATION AND CONTOURING. 2021" took place over the course of three days and consisted of 15 segments. The total duration of the course consisted of more than 30 hours of lecture material and consisted of live surgery with the participation of: Fausto Viterbo, Nuri Celik, Chiara Botti, Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Andre Auersvald, Francisco Bravo, David Grishkyan and Vitaly Zholtikov. Live surgery allowed course participants to learn about new methods in the field of facial and neck rejuvenation and to discuss the nuances of the techniques that are already in practice.

50 faculties took part in the course program: Natalya Manturova, Andre Auersvald, Timo Bartels, Dario Bertossi, Javier Beut, Brian Biesman, Giovanni Botti, Chiara Botti, Francisco Bravo, Jose Carlos Neves, Nuri Celik, Steven R. Cohen, Chia Chi Kao, Martin Devoto, Sebastien Garson, Abdulkadir Goksel, Jahrad Haq, Per Heden, Haideh Hirmand, John B. Holds, Andrew Jacono, Naresh Joshi, Amin Kalaaji, Vakis Kontoes, Val Lambros, Mehmet Manisali, Timothy Marten, Guy Massry, Bryan Mendelson, Peter Palhazi, Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Thomas Rappl, Dirk Richter, Michel Rouif, Rod J. Rohrich, Yves Saban, Ozan Sozer, Tevfik Sozen, George Skouras, Jonathan Sykes, Fausto Viterbo, S. Anthony Wolfe, Ilia Almazov, Alexey Borovikov, David Grishkyan, Irina Khrustaleva, Natalya Korableva, Alla Poberezhnaya, Iurii Tsoi, Sergei Vasilyev, Vitaly Zholtikov.

The hybrid format of the program allowed participants from more than 40 countries of the world to join the online broadcast, and the total number were more than 700 people.

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