April 9th, 10th, 11th, 2021


On April 9th, 10th, 11th successfully completed the first hybrid intensive course of AASURGERY with live surgery. Three days of scientific program. Two thematic blocks: "rhinoplasty" and "liposculpture". 6 live surgeries. Faculty from 20 countries with different time zones. More than 200 online participants from 35 countries. More than 100 participants in the hall on each day.

The dynamics and intensity of the program, according to the participants, were not inferior to the advanced AASURGERY courses in October. More than 24 hours of expert lecture material, open discussions and round tables with the active participation of foreign faculties. The course program was supported and participated in:

Intensive course: Preservation and Structural Rhinoplasty

Dean Toriumi (USA); Richard E. Davis (USA); Aaron Kosins (USA); Olivier Gerbault (France); Abdulkadir Goksel (Turkey); Milos Kovacevic (Germany); Charles East (UK); George Marcells (Australia); Peter Palhazi (Hungary); Yves Saban (France); Tevfik Sozen (Turkey); Natalya Manturova; Yuri Rusetskiy; Ilya Almazov; Arseniy Lavrov; Vitaly Zholtikov.

Intensive course: Modern Liposculpture

Alfredo E. Hoyos (Colombia); Constantino Mendieta (USA); Alexander Aslani (Spain); Daniel Del Vecchio (USA); Peter Palhazi (Hungary); Natalya Manturova; Akhmed Rakhimov; Vladimir Golovatinskiy; Andrei Andrievskiy; Alexsander Drevetsky; Natalya Korableva; Alla Poberezhnaya; Vitaly Zholtikov.


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