October 14-16, 2022

Past Course:
Photos, , Video, Dissection course

Photos, Video

Expertise and attention to detail have always distinguished AASURGERY Courses. Live surgery course held October 14–16 "PRESERVATION AND STRUCTURAL RHINOPLASTY. UPDATES 2022" is no exception.

As part of the 3-day scientific program, 32 lecturers from 12 countries spoke. The traditionally early timing of October (the program starts at 6 am) did not prevent the participants from watching live surgery with broadcast from the operating room performed by Abdulkadir Goksel, Charles East, Olivier Gerbault, Vitaly Zholtikov.

Not all lecturers of the program were able to attend in person, but this did not affect the advanced level of the program and the international status of the event. Online from USA joined: Dean Toriumi, Bahman Guyuron, Aaron Kosins. From Italy: Enrico Robotti, Valerio Finocchi. From Portugal: Jose Carlos Neves, Miguel Goncalves Ferreira. From Germany: Sebastian Haack, Milos Kovacevic.

The high professionalism of not only the faculty, but also the AASURGERY audience made it possible to talk on an equal footing, and discussions became an integral part of the program. So the program included honest and important topics "DIFFICULT PRIMARY AND SECONDARY CASES" and "RHINOPLASTY COMPLICATIONS PREVENTION AND TREATMENT".

More than 170 plastic surgeons from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Belarus were present in the hall. Having expanded the geography, more than 150 specialists from Russia, USA, Italy, Portugal, France, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Colombia, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Thailand joined online.

The first day of the Course ended with a BLACK TIE CONCERT performed by the "International Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Region" in one of the most mysterious buildings in St. Petersburg - Wawelberg Hall.

As part of the evening, the Course Director, Vitaly Zholtikov, presented souvenirs to the lecturers and thanked them for their support despite the circumstances.

On the last day of the Course, October 16, two parallel programs took place. For all participants - a session of video cases with practical reports on the topic of primary and secondary rhinoplasty. The moderators were Konstantin Lipski and Georgy Aganesov. A limited group had the opportunity to practice the acquired theoretical skills in practice as part of a 5-hour dissection course with the participation of Peter Palhazi, Abdulkadir Goksel, Charles East, Olivier Gerbault, Natalya Korableva, Arseniy Lavrov, Vitaly Zholtikov.

We look forward with warmth to future meetings with the participants. As always, we promise that it will be interesting.

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