October 13-14, 2023

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The 10th anniversary AASURGERY Course "SURGICAL AND NON-SURGICAL FACIAL REJUVENATION. 2023" was held in St. Petersburg on 13-15 October. It was completely dedicated to facial rejuvenation. Thanks to support of all the participants, leading International and Russian experts, the AASURGERY project celebrated its 10th anniversary this year confirming international status.

During 2 days of the program 30 lecturers from 8 countries talked about rejuvenation of the lower third of face, contouring, rejuvenation problems and improving the appearance of the perioral area. Among the experts who came in person and joined online: Natalya Manturova, Andre Auersvald, Dario Bertossi, Francisco Bravo, Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Steven R. Cohen, Olivier Gerbault, Neil A. Gordon, Chia Chi Kao, Mehmet Manisali, Timothy Marten, T. Gerald O`Daniel, Peter Palhazi, George Skouras, Tevfik Sozen, Ozan Sozer, Ben Talei, Ilia Almazov, Ksenia Avdoshenko, Ilona Kochneva, Kazbek Kudzaev, Arseniy Lavrov, Yulia Lebedeva, Alla Poberezhnaya, Irina Serb, Sergei Shvirev, Vladimir Sorvin, Sergei Vasilyev, Natalya Korableva, Vitaly Zholtikov.

The scientific program under the guidance of the Course Director Vitaly Zholtikov lasted in total for 24 hours and was traditionally based on live surgery. The emphasis was placed on interactive form of analysis of the operational video, discussions and round tables. The program ended with two dissection courses which broke all records for the number of participants. Andre Auersvald and Ozan Sozer conducted unique dissection programs with analysis of nuances and details of their methods in practice.

The geography of 10th anniversary AASURGERY course is impressive - 51 countries all over the world including: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Hong Kong, Greece, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, Panama, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkiye, Uzbekistan, Finland, France, Chile, Iran, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Morocco, Mexico, Netherlands, UAE, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa. In total more than 260 participants joined the program in person and more than 250 joined online.

The year 2023 has become special for AASURGERY. We thank all the lecturers, participants and partners for supporting the project which has become 10th in our common history. We sincerely hope that we managed to immerse you in the atmosphere of professional holiday and convey the value of moment not only during the program but also at the AASURGERY BIRTHDAY Gala Dinner.

"SURGICAL AND NON-SURGICAL FACIAL REJUVENATION. 2023..." is another gifted opportunity to spend time together.

With Gratitude and Respect,
Course Director Vitaly Zholtikov
and AASURGERY team


We look forward to meeting you on our next projects:

APRIL 2024

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