An international symposium on plastic surgery
The third live surgery and injections course in St.Petersburg, Russia
October 23–25, 2015

In 2015, Atribeaute Clinique hosted its third Live Surgery & Injections Course, dedicated this time to ADVANCED AESTHETIC RHINOPLASTY, OTOPLASTY, AND FACIAL CONTOURING. This high-profile annual event features direct broadcasts from operating rooms and contributions from world-renowned plastic surgeons and facial contouring experts. According to some of the attendees, its appeal extends far beyond the live procedures. The conference's success hinges on the ABC of professional development: Advanced, Beneficial, and Continuous.

This year, more than 600 attendees from 24 countries watched twelve operations and 15 injection procedures in real time. The technical quality of the broadcast has substantially improved, so that every little detail was visible on the screen.

Open discussions and round-table debates covered the hottest topics of rhinoplasty, otoplasty, and facial contouring. The core program included a series of live injections, a dissection course presented by Dr. Yves Saban, and satellite symposiums organized by our partners. More than 64 unique keynotes were presented. Ralph Magritz completed one of the most anticipated ear reconstruction operations whose first stage was performed in 2014. Dr. Sam Lam offered a riveting master class in hair transplantation. One of the most impressive surprises was the rhinoplasty legend Rollin Daniel's master class titled A Progressive Approach to Primary Rhinoplasty. The revered surgeon suggested that "rather than put everything you have heard here into practice at once, you should analyse this information in the context of your own experience and capabilities."

The plastic surgeons and facial contouring experts who shared some of their techniques and professional secrets at the three-day event included Rollin Daniel (USA), Richard E. Davis (USA), Nazim Cerkes (Turkey), Charles East (UK), Nuri Celik (Turkey), Enrico Robotti (Italy), Olivier Gerbault (France), Julian Rowe-Jones (UK), Milos Kovacevic (Germany), Jochen Wurm (Germany), Sebastian Haack (Germany), Abdulkadir Goksel (Turkey), Claus Walter (Switzerland) Charles Thorne (USA), Sam Lam (USA), Ralph Magritz (Germany), Yves Saban (France), Alessio Redaelli (Italy), Lydia Badia (UK), Marina Landau (Israel), Raj Acquilla (UK), and Jani van Loghem (Netherlands).

"This year, we invited the creme de la creme of rhinoplasty and facial contouring, experts truly dedicated to pursuing excellence. I would describe them as an army with Dr. Rollin K. Daniel as commander-in-chief," said Dr. Vitaly Zholtikov, Director of the course.

"These are authors of seminal works. Back in the day, their achievements seemed unattainable to us. They come here to demonstrate their skills, and they are not afraid to show that sometimes their patients bleed like everybody else's, that they too encounter certain difficulties. They discuss nuances polished over hundreds or thousands of operations. This is fundamentally different from reading books, studying references and research publications. You can see how things are done in real life, ask a question and get a reply that will be immediately applicable in practice," said Alexander Stavsky, a plastic surgeon from Novosibirsk.

Last year's programme left room for improvement. This time, more emphasis was made on the cosmetology portion of the event. For two days, in addition to lectures and a series of live injections, the audience was invited to attend master classes organized by Allergan, Nike-Med, Fijie, and Innovation, and a dissection course hosted by Skin Technology and presented by such well-known experts as Yves Saban, Olga Zabnenkova, Ekaterina Gutop, and Alisa Sharova.

Amid the succession of unique lectures and surgery broadcasts, the attendees had an opportunity to buy books published in other countries on the topics on hand, explore new cosmetology products, and purchase tools and equipment. This year, the event was attended by 35 of the leading companies in the plastic surgery and cosmetology market.

On October 24, Metropol, one of St.Petersburg's iconic restaurants, hosted a gala dinner, an evening of relaxation after two days of arduous work and an opportunity for the audience to socialize with the speakers all of whom were at the party.

Attending Atribeaute Clinique's annual Live Surgery & Injection Course in St.Petersburg has become a good tradition for plastic surgeons and cosmetologists wishing to stay abreast of the profession, explore the latest arrivals in the market, learn cutting-edge techniques from their developers, and discover the secrets of international experts. "This year's conference was not perfect, but it was very good," said Dr. Zholtikov. "We still have room for improvement. We have set a high bar for ourselves, and we intend to keep getting better."

For the participants, it is now time to digest the new knowledge, read the books they purchased, and watch the videos that will be supplied to all of them. As to the organizers, they have already begun to prepare the fourth, traditionally star-studded Live Surgery & Injections Course which will take place in 2016. It will be dedicated to ADVANCED AESTHETIC SURGERY OF THE BREAST AND BODY AND FACIAL CONTOURING. The venue, as always, will be the best hotel in St.Petersburg, Corinthia Nevsky Palace, and the programme will once again be based on the essential ABC: Advanced, Beneficial, and Continuous.

Thank you for joining us in 2015! We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2016!

Feedback from lecturers

Your meeting was one of the unforgettable event about rhinoplasty. Because of the program, live surgeries, social program, Russian hospitality, clear presentations, friends, beautiful St.Petersburg, organization team. Everything was perfect.

Abdulkadir Goksel, Turkey

Please accept my gratitude for a magnificent visit to St Petersburg. Your hospitality was unparalleled, the gastronomy was fabulous, and visiting one of the world's most beautiful cities is always enjoyable. You operating room staff was very accommodating and the live surgery was also a terrific experience. I particularly enjoyed seeing last year's patient who seemed genuinely pleased with her entire experience. Finally, the congress was excellent and the learning opportunities were of the highest caliber, even for experienced surgeons - congratulations on a very successful meeting.

Richard E. Davis, USA

I just arrived to Hamburg and I am very greatfull to enjoy this great meeting in this beautiful city with this exceptional faculty.

Milos Kovacevic, Germany

Sad to be leaving after a fantastic meeting. Fertile minds, fabulous city. Your organisation was superb and your hospitality overwhelming. Congratulations and thank you to you and your team very much.

Julian Rowe-Jones, UK

Your meeting has been fabulous and your team did prepare and organize it perfectly. Thank you so much for letting me be part of this prestigious group of surgeons.

Olivier Gerbault, France

This was my first visit to Russia. And I cordially want to thank whole organizing team for your overwhelming hospitality and the perfect organization of your course. Thanks to you I had the chance to enjoy the wonderful city of St. Petersburg and the people who live there. You also gave me the chance both to meet old friends . So, congratulations for all that you have done. And once again thank you for your generosity! I loved being part of this outstanding event.

Jochen Wurm, Germany

I loved visiting your amazing city and your course was the best I have ever taken for rhinoplasty. It is changing the way that I do my procedure and how I will run next year's fall face meeting. I am glad that there was a positive reception for my work.

Sam Lam, USA

I deeply thank you for inviting me to this wonderful meeting. It was a great honor for me to be part of this world-class faculty. I learned a lot about new trends in rhinosurgery, but also about the russian hospitality. I enjoyed every minute. I was truly impressed by the perfect organisation.

Sebastian Haack, Germany

Please send my thanks to all your wonderful, smiling, helpful staff at the clinic who helped make everything work.

Charles Thorne, USA

Congratulations for the successful meeting. The Faculty you put together was world class and the organization was outstanding. Thank you so much for your generosity and kind hospitality.

Nazim Cerkes, Turkey

Thank you so much for your kind invitation and gracious hospitality. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned a lot. It was an honor to be a part of this prestigious faculty.

Nuri Celik, Turkey

Like the many who have done so already, I strongly wish to thank you with all my heart for this outstanding meeting: everything was impeccable, from the overwhelming hospitality (my wife and my daughter had a splendid time) to an excellent scientific program (from which I drew significant personal benefit), and finally a perfect organisation and a wonderful support team.

Enrico Robotti, Italy

Our parting feelings are of a wonderful time in Russia - not only a great meeting but warmth, kindness and generosity - the best program.

Charles East, UK

Course chairman

Vitaly Zholtikov

Faculty 2015




The five-star Corinthia Hotel (Nevsky Palace), Nevsky Prospect 57,
St. Petersburg, Russia.


The language of the event was English. Simultaneous translation into Russian provided.