The 5th Live Surgery & Injections Course in St. Petersburg, Russia
October 19-22, 2017


During the 5 years the aasurgery team has been conducting one of the largest professional event in the field of plastic surgery and medical cosmetology in St. Petersburg. The fifth anniversary was decided to mark, increasing the number of days of the surgical program to 4; the number of foreign lecturers is up to 35; number of operations performed in real time up to 11.

Live Surgery & Injections Course "ADVANCED AESTHETIC BLEPHAROPLASTY, MIDFACE AND FACE CONTOURING. 2017" gave the participants "more than possible" in the opinion of many participants.

25 hours of live surgery, 35 hours of lecture material, more than 600 colleagues from 50 countries. The geography of this year covered practically all cities of Russia, as well as Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Qatar, India, Bahrain, Uruguay, Iran, Thailand, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and others.

Course 2017 was one of the most anticipated due to the uniqueness of the lecturers. The full list of lecturers was "impressive so that it's insulting to single out someone. How to choose the best among the best? " – as participants of the Course commented this year.

The organizers concentrated in four days the most important and actual for the plastic surgery of eyelids and faces. In addition to the main scientific program, 11 author's master classes held, each took 2 hours, which enabled them to receive first-hand answers to long-standing questions.

"Russian session" under the moderation of Alexei Borovikov, Alisher Kasymov, Vadim Zelenin, Leonid Pavlyuchenko, Sergei Shvyrev and Denis Baga did not concede to the program and participation of foreign lecturers.

A pleasant surprise for the participants was the Dissection course under the guidance of the legendary Timothy Marten. A limited group of 20 people had the opportunity to learn the secrets of excellence and delve into anatomy under the guidance of Francisco Bravo, Peter Palhazi, Olivier Gerbault, Timo Bartels, Arseniy Lavrov, Natalia Korableva and Vitaly Zholtikov.

Gala dinner for the participants of the Course was held on October 21 at the Russian Ethnographic Museum. During the dinner, the Course's lecturers received memorable gifts – handmade portrait`s dolls, and guests took part in a win-win lottery from the partners of the Course.

We are grateful to the participants of the fifth Live Surgery & Injections Course "ADVANCED AESTHETIC BLEPHAROPLASTY, MIDFACE AND FACE CONTOURING. 2017" for the time devoted to facial surgery, knowledge, desire and desire to make their work more safety and effective. Thank you for these 4 days of the "holiday of the profession" and wish to see all of you at the next year!

Aasurgery team.

Feedback from lecturers

I can't tell how much I enjoyed participating in this wonderful conference.
I have not stopped telling people about how nice St Petersburg was and how incredible we were treated.
I know that I may have been the one voice speaking about different techniques but I think that is important that participants see different options. I think that the long term results are evidence that there are various options to achieve aesthetic and natural long lasting outcomes.
Thank you for inviting me. I had a great time!

John Yousif (USA)

This meeting was one of a greatest meeting ever I attended.
I also have annual blepharoplasty meeting in Korea, but meeting in Saint-Petersburg had more live surgery more faculty and presentation.
The attendee got more deep and precise knowledge about eyelid and face.
It look like world total blepharoplasty and facelift meeting.
Combination between surgery and noninvasive cosmetic rejuvenation is also very good.
I would like to give my thanks with all my mind.
I really would like to attend and visit again if you will organize the Course with the same topic in 2020.

David Park (Korea)

I had a lot of fun and the interaction with many of the stellar faculty was terrific.
Looking forward to seeing you again soon and back in Saint-Petersburg!
I will make every effort to spend more time to see your wonderful city.

Steven Fagien (USA)

Such an impressive meeting last week in St. Petersburg! I have been to many meetings in the US and Europe, and even organized several myself with live surgery, and I can assure that none have been so comprehensive, intense and worthwhile as the one you have put together. You have made St. Petersburg the Capital of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery education worldwide, and that is very impressive.

Francisco Bravo (Spain)

This course is addictive, so we will keep coming back!

Nuri Celik (Turkey)

It was a Great pleasure and honour for me to be invited. This conference is very high level and we really enjoyed your hospitality and kindness.

Ali Pirayesh (Netherlands)

I was very happy to participate to your outstanding meeting.
All my appreciation to you for organizing it so well. Impressive!!!

Chiara Botti (Italy)

I am very grateful to have been invited to St. Petersburg. Not only was the meeting magnificent but the social activities were very generous and wonderful as well.
The time in St. Petersburg was a memory that will last forever.

Val Lambros (USA)

What a weekend! You really made us work hard. I need to come back because I did not see anything from the city…
Thank for the invite!

Patrick Tonnard (Belgium)

It was a real pleasure to be here and participate and visit.

Haideh Hirmand (USA)

This was by far the best meeting I have ever had the opportunity to participate in. I am appreciative of the opportunity and honored to have been allowed to perform the live surgery. I would love to come back again.

Andrew Jacono (USA)

I thank you very much indeed for the invitation. I believe you can be very happy of the show. You have put together the best surgeons and more.

Dario Bertossi (Italy)

It was a very good meeting: congratulations!

S. Anthony Wolfe (USA)

Thank you so much for your fantastic welcome and incredible organization. Great Time for friendship and science.

Yves Saban (France)

For me it was honor to be a part of the esteemed faculty at the St. Petersburg Aesthetic Conference. Everything was perfect. Congratulations for this amazing meeting. It was pleasure for me to be a part surgery on live.

Malgorzata Uchman-Musielak (Poland)

Lovely memories of meeting new and existing colleagues, feasting of delicious food and generally having a fun and educational time.

Uliana Gout (UK)

Organizers of the event


The five-star Corinthia Hotel (Nevsky Palace) at Nevsky Prospect 57, St. Petersburg, Russia.


The language of the event is English. Simultaneous translation into Russian provided.

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